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PI's Declassified Podcast

"On the Trail of Missing Heirs"

Broadcast February 17, 2011

Are you a missing heir? Wouldn’t it be exciting to find that you were the beneficiary to a fortune? Stocks, bonds, real property, bank accounts, IRAs, patents, and royalties are just some of the assets heir finders endeavor to connect with their rightful owners. Surprisingly, every year heir finders locate many who are unaware they are entitled to an estate or portion thereof. Tune in to hear John Hoda, expert missing heir finder and licensed private investigator who combines the proficiency of a skilled private investigator with the expertise of a genealogy researcher, tell tales of connecting valuable assets with their rightful owners.

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American P.I. Podcast

March 2011


An interview with John Hoda of International Missing Heirs Finders about identifying opportunities, agency development and

the uniqueness of

missing heir research.


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